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An association of Nigeria Peace Corps alumni and other friends of Nigeria who support the interests of the Nigerian people.

Why Women’s Empowerment is Important
Dr. Iyabo Obasanjo

[The audio of her talk is at the bottom of this page.  It starts with an introduction by Ned Greeley.]

My personal experience

Being Yoruba

Being female and first born in Yoruba Land

Being in Leadership

Experience in the Nigerian Senate

Being Female

Overlap of female leadership and maternal and child health outcomes

Years of having a female senator

Women’s empowerment and leadership may be the key to Nigeria’s development.

Other  areas where women influence progress eg Education, peace etc

Countries that educate women equally as men are likely to develop faster as they use more of their human resources towards development.

Women’s involvement in leadership of countries is thought to make for less conflict.

Development Projects that work

Health Systems Development Program 

Training for Nurses

One week camp

Physical Fitness training

Clinical Examination

Motivational Talks

TV program on health

Use Nollywood Producers and Actors

Make themes funny

Teach the people at the level they understand

My experience with Guniea Worm Eradication


Trained Local Scientists

Provided Labs and tools for Independent work

Actual treatment of patients

Focused on prevention of Mother-to-child transmission

Was important in Nigeria’s ability to combat Ebola effectively

Characteristics of good projects

Good Science

Local Leadership and Input

Understanding social and cultural milieu of recipients

Putting people first

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