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An association of Nigeria Peace Corps alumni and other friends of Nigeria who support the interests of the Nigerian people.

Photos from San Francisco

Unknown participants are identified by ?'s. If you know the unknown person, please email the information to gregory.j@comcast.net. Thanks.

From the camera of Karen Keefer, Nigeria 26 (hence many of the subjects are Nigeria 26)

Karen Keefer (Nigeria 26), Molly Uzor (President and Founder, Learning Right; Member, Executive Board, Nigeria in Diaspora Organization [NIDO]), & Dan Ela (Nigeria 26) at the book sale.

David + Kathy McDonald (Nigeria 26), John McComas (Nigeria 25)

Bob Haslam (Nigeria 26), Bob Ela (Nigeria 26), Clare McMahon Yates (Nigeria 14), David McDonald (Nigeria 26)

Bob Haslam, Nigeria 26 makes a point


Dan Ela, Nigeria 26

Paul Willis (Nigeria 25), Dr. Marcelina Ogbu (Chief Operating Officer, Community Based Primary Care Services, Department of Health, San Francisco), & Veronica Ufoegbune (Adjunct Lecturer of Teacher Education, California State University, East Bay; Member Advisory Board, Nigeria California Forum)



Paul Willis, solo



David + Kathie McDonald


From the Camera of Ginna Frank Fleming (Former spouse of Murray Frank, Staff 61-64)


Mike Goodkind (FON President, Nigeria 16) making comments at the General Meeting.


Dr. Marcelina Ogbu, Molly Uzor, and moderator Father Edward Inyanwachi (associate parish priest in Burlingame) at the start of the panel discussion.



The full panel: Veronica Ufoegbune, Dr. Marcelina Ogbu, Molly Uzor, Father Edward Inyanwachi, and Dr. Steve Ugbah, Professor, California State University, East Bay, President, Nigeria California Forum. Each panel member arrived just in time to speak!



Signkeeper and Traffic Director, Pam Allen (Nigeria 27)



Bud Abbott, Nigeria 19, sampling some chocolate.



Louise ? & Michael Abkin


Pam Allen (Nigeria 27), Maureen Osen (Nigeria 8), & Eric Osen (spouse) sampling some San Francisco fried food.



Pam Allen (Nigeria 27), Portia Gage (Nigeria 29), Bud Abbott, John E McComas (Nigeria 25), & Christine Kobayaski (John McComas' wife) at the lunch stop after the morning walk.




Bud Abbott explaining the Bay to Pam Allen, Eric Osen, & Portia Gage



Melissa of Santa Cruz Mountains Wine Tours pouring. Tomoko Malaghan, Dorrie Dodge (staff), & Christine Kobayaski sampling some local produce.



? conversing with Veronica Ufoegbune in the foreground. ? in the back left, ? sitting down, Bud Abbott + Peter Hansen standing in the background.



Murray Frank, Staff 61-64 & ?



Anne Sherwood (Nigeria 11) & Maureen McTigue Osen (Nigeria 8), key helpers in organizing the SF Reunion.



Richard A Smith (Peace Corps Physician) & Murray Frank (Staff) remembering old times, now more than 40 years old.



? & Norm Gary, Nigeria 1.



Mike Goodkind & Anne Sherwood.



?, Sally Levin Nigeria 11, & ? going over old mug shots.



Cathy + Clem Onyemelukwe (Nigeria 4) with Veronica Ufoegbune



Karen Keefer (Nigeria 26), Dorrie Dodge (ex staff wife, Kaduna 63-64), Tim Burke (Nigeria 9), & Alice Gary (Ethiopia PCV married to Norm Gary) at the book sale.



?, ?, Molly Uzor, & ?



Michael Brown (Nigeria 12), David Strain, ?, & Mills Tandy (Nigeria 7).



Panelists + Karen Keefer (Nigeria 26) at dinner.


From the Wine Tasting Tour:


Bob Wynne (Nigeria 4, Board Secretary), Maureen Osen, & Eric Osen.



Listening to the guide explaining the magic of grapes.



Cathy + Clem Onyemelukwe in the sunshine.

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