An association of Nigeria Peace Corps alumni and other friends of Nigeria who support the interests of the Nigerian people.

Links that may be of interest to Friends of Nigeria members.

WikiFON A repository of what we did in Nigeria

Peace Corps Connect The National Peace Corps Association

U.S. Peace Corps  The Peace Corps itself

PCNAF Peace Corps Nigeria Alumni Foundation

Job Openings in Nigeria                                 By Keyword, Job Title, Company, and Province

Cathy Onyemelukwe's Blog  Are there other blogs by FON members?

Zaineb's Musings  See the Nigerian links a page or 2 down on the right hand side.

Far Away in the Sky  A film by David Koren

Africa in Transition A blog by John Campbell, former ambassador to Nigeria

Nigeria Security Tracker Council on Foreign Relations mapping violence in Nigeria


Ralph Proctor Gallery  Images of traditional African Artifacts

Irene Abdou Nigerian Photographs  Contemporary Nigerian Photos

Wole Soyinka Study Guide  Study Guide for Soyinka's plays

Wole Soyinka Bio  Biographical information from the Nobel Foundation

www.wikifon.org/Watching_Soyinka   Watching Soyinka by Tom Hebert

Ethnic Websites

Edo Nation  Edo links, mostly from 2006 - 2009

U Wisconsin African Languages & Literature   Hausa + Yoraba programs


Books For Africa  Ships books to Africa in bulk

Eduwatch  Provides educational materials to Nigerian schools


BBC Africa News  News of the entire continent

Gamji Newspaper  Nigerian news by Nigerian reporters

All Africa .com  News on all of Africa, but many Nigerian stories

Nigeria Facts

Nigeria Geography  Maps, statistics, ...

Nigeria Maps (U of Texas)  Perry-Caste├▒eda Library Map Collection

Maps Of World / Nigeria      More Nigeria maps

Nigeria / Nigerian Websites

Nigeria World      Compiles Nigerian News from multiple sources

Africa Masterweb      Africa-wide focus

Nigeria Masterweb    Nigeria-specific focus


VSO International - Nigeria    VSO's program in Nigeria

Fantsuam    The Fantsuam Foundation's website

We Care Solar / Solar Suitcase    Key design features of the Solar Suitcase

Amnesty International Nigeria          Amnesty International's programs in Nigeria

Youth for Technology    Aims to educate girls in technology

Peace Corps

Peace Corps Worldwide  Successor site for Peace Corps Writers

Peace Corps Worldwide / Nigeria  Focus on Nigerian RPCV writers

Peace Corps Writers by Country    Bibliography of Peace Corps Writers

What about Books by FON members, such as Steve Clapp's?

The current FON website has a number of links to Nigerian/African information sources, but they haven't been updated in ages.  Linking to Zaineb's Musings is a way of outsourcing the maintenance of such links.

Provision of links is no longer so important, as all this information comes back quickly with a Google search.  But they may guide FON members on what to look for.

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