Annual Meeting Archive

Friends of Nigeria Annual Meetings

Friends of Nigeria, and individual Nigeria training groups, have held reunions since 1997 and perhaps earlier.

To the left is a chronological list of individual training group reunions and FON annual meetings. The list is incomplete, and we have little information for many of the gatherings. Refer to the links to the left to read about these meetings. (If there is no response when you click on a link, we have no information for that meeting.) Beginning in 2014, FON scheduled its annual meeting to be held one day before the annual meeting of the National Peace Corps Association. That way, members of FON could attend both meetings.

The Covid pandemic arrived while planning was underway for the 2020 meeting in Seattle, and both the FON and NPCA annual meetings had to be canceled. The pandemic is still a concern in 2021 so a virtual annual meeting is in the works. It is anticipated that the meeting will be held over a period of days, with one or two virtual sessions each day.

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