Committees of the Board

Standing Committees

Executive Committee

  • Alan Frishman, President
  • Godwin Ndukwe, Vice-President
  • Warren Keller, Treasurer
  • Spence Ralston, Secretary
  • Peter Hansen, Newsletter Editor
  • Chris Clarkson, Membership

Small Projects Committee

The small projects committee evaluates requests, for amounts less than $10,000, from grass-roots organizations in Nigeria. Project requests are vetted and funds awarded after an evaluation based on the standing of the organization, efficacy of the project, and the amount of funds available from FON.

  • Spence Ralston, Chair
  • Godwin Ndukwe
  • Mike Goodkind
  • Jim Clark

Maternal Health Committee

The focus of the  maternal health committee is women’s health issues in Nigeria, in particular fistula education and repair. The committee evaluates requests for funding from organizations in Nigeria that address these issues.

  • Mimi Budd, Chair
  • Monique LeBlanc
  • Mike Goodkind


Ad hoc Committees

Nominating Committee

Website Committee

Annual Meeting Planning Committee

  • Virtual Annual Meetings using the Zoom platform have been held in 2021, 2022, and 2023
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