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An association of Nigeria Peace Corps alumni and other friends of Nigeria who support the interests of the Nigerian people.


2013 Annual Report 

Friends of Nigeria continues to implement its five goals:

1.  to educate the American public about Nigeria,

2.  to promote policies consistent with the Peace Corps experience,

3.  to be the alumni association for Nigeria Peace Corps Volunteers,

4.  to promote continued service to the Nigerian people,

5.  to keep members informed about events in Nigeria.

·         The highlight of the year was the Friends of Nigeria biennial meeting in Asilomar, California in October.  While attendance was small (24 volunteers + 7 spouses) the enthusiasm was great.  David Koren gave a multi-media presentation on his participation in the Biafran airlift.  See www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-V0a-Pcg1U.  We reviewed our mission and goals and concluded that our key function is to act as an alumni association for Nigeria Peace Corps volunteers.  To that end, several shared their experiences of their withdrawal from the East as war encroached.  We decided to have a meeting in conjunction with Peace Corps Connect in Nashville in June 2014 to give us a deadline for transcribing our stories and recollections.

·         Several members of Friends of Nigeria attended the Peace Corps Connect meeting in Boston in June 2013.  We had no official presence at the meeting, but several attended the Group Leaders Conference (and learned a great deal).  After the conference, 13 Friends of Nigeria members had dinner together at a local restaurant.

·         Under the editorships of Willard J. (Jim) Clark three issues of the Friends of Nigeria Newsletter were published during 2013 with a total of 60 pages.  Printed newsletters were mailed to an average 1404 recipients, and in addition email announcements were sent to about 30 members who have opted to download the full-color pdf version of the newsletter from our website.  The newsletter includes feature articles, guest columns, opinion pieces, news from Nigeria, book reviews, letters to the editor, member updates, and reports regarding the projects we are supporting financially.

·         FON’s web presence consists of:

•  Our website <friendsofnigeria.org> with an RPCV/staff directory (as well as lists of “lost” and deceased RPCVs), announcements, a newsletter archive (searchable pdf versions of all FON newsletters are available), etc. – webmaster Greg Jones. 

•  Our wiki <www.wikifon.org> includes the original training group directories (pdf files), photos, stories, and group histories – organized by Chris Collman and Greg Jones.

•  Our group page <community.peacecorpsconnect.org/group/friendsofnigeria> on the Connected Peace Corps social networking website – administered by Greg Jones.

·         During fiscal year 2012-13 Friends of Nigeria raised $12,937 for various projects.  Combined with funds from our membership dues we donated $17,523 to four organizations working in Nigeria (VSO, The African Community Health Initiative, American University in Nigeria, and the Fantsuam Foundation).  We also set aside $2,000 in an emergency fund to support Nigerian students at the Heller School at Brandeis University.

·         FON’s board of directors conducts most of its business by e-mail, but it met via conference call on 4 occasions.


Friends of Nigeria is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. 
Email:  fonigeria@gmail.com President phone: 978-562-3613

Mailing address: Friends of Nigeria, c/o Warren Keller, PO Box 8032, Berkeley, CA 94707

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