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An association of Nigeria Peace Corps alumni and other friends of Nigeria who support the interests of the Nigerian people.


2010 Annual Report 

Friends of Nigeria continues to implement its five goals:

1.  to educate the American public about Nigeria,

2.  to promote policies consistent with the Peace Corps experience,

3.  to be the alumni association for Nigeria Peace Corps Volunteers,

4.  to promote continued service to the Nigerian people,

5.  to keep members informed about events in Nigeria.

·         Under the editorship of Warren Keller, four issues of the Friends of Nigeria Newsletter were published during 2010 with a total of 64 pages.  Newsletters were mailed to an average 1424 addressees – down slightly from 2009, since 24 members opted to download the full-color version of the newsletter as a pdf file downloaded from our website in lieu of receiving the print edition.  The newsletter includes feature articles, guest columns, opinion pieces, news from Nigeria, book reviews, letters to the editor, member updates, and reports from volunteers working for VSO and the Fantsuam Foundation.

·         Under the editorship of Peter Hansen, the 48-page Friends of Nigeria 2011 Directory was published and mailed to all dues-paying members Friends of Nigeria.

·         FON’s web presence consists of:

•  Our website <friendsofnigeria.org> with an RPCV/staff directory (as well as lists of “lost” and deceased RPCVs), announcements, a newsletter archive, etc. – webmaster Greg Jones.  Searchable pdf versions of all of our newsletters (volumes 1-15) are now available on our website.

•  Our wiki <www.wikifon.org> with the original training group directories (as downloadable pdf files), photos, stories, and group histories – organized by Chris Collman and Greg Jones.

•  Our group page <community.peacecorpsconnect.org/group/friendsofnigeria> on the Connected Peace Corps social networking website administered by Greg Jones.

·         During fiscal year 2009-10:

•  FON raised $3,677.20 for its Nigeria VSO Project (for a total of $39,734).

•  FON raised $7,063.80 for its Fantsuam Foundation Project (for a total of $13,866).

·         Most of the business of FON’s board of directors was conducted by e-mail, but a conference-call board meeting occurred on September 11, 2010.

·         Friends of Nigeria established an archive at the Bender Library of American University.  Materials archived include:  official documents (Certificate of Incorporation, IRS 501(c)(3) letter, and bylaws), newsletters, annual budgets and financial reports, board meeting minutes, and annual reports.



Friends of Nigeria is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. 
Email:  fonigeria@gmail.com President phone: 978-562-3613

Mailing address: Friends of Nigeria, c/o Warren Keller, PO Box 8032, Berkeley, CA 94707

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